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And suddenly her winter passed...
... And the sun shone on her.
13th-Apr-2012 06:49 pm - Adios.
Hobbit ; an unexpected journey
Yeah, so... I'm on tumblr now.

Address: http://elventree.tumblr.com/

There's really no way to directly comment on entries, unless you re-blog and then add your comments, but if you want to comment on anything, just use the "ask me anything" link right underneath the picture header!

I'll probably still come onto livejournal to check my friends page, but I doubt I'll update here again.
12th-Mar-2012 03:53 pm - Jack, C-3P0 is not gay. He's British.
Firefly ; shiny!
Well, it's certainly been a while. I keep meaning to update this thing, but always get caught up in something else (or just plain forget - my bad).

School has been alright. I can't believe there are only four weeks left of class. I haven't applied to any jobs - that's my bad. I've been so busy with school work that finding the time to search for jobs, apply to them, and go to interviews is an impossible task. So I have a month left and absolutely no prospects for my future. Fun times.

I received a very good mark on my 4th year Honours paper proposal Living in Fear of Society: An examination of social anxiety disorder as a limiting factor in the completion of educational pursuits. The prof noted that I "write very well" and she is interested to see where I go with it! Hopefully I won't let her down. I have four other essays to write in the next four weeks, besides this one, so I haven't had a lot of time to really work on it.

I'm on my way to class now, but I will try to keep this updated more often.
Castle ; he murdered the english languag
So I think I've somewhat chosen a subject for my Geography honours thesis. I have three titles that I'm considering right now, all largely similar but with minute differences. They are:

Diseased Emotions: How Social Anxiety and Avoidant Personality Disorder can transform spaces of community into spaces of fear
Living in Fear of Society: How "negative" emotions can guide the experiences and decisions of those living with Social Anxiety
Broken Emotions, Broken Person: The importance of emotions in the everyday experiences of those living with Social Anxiety

I'm trying to decide which angle will give me the most to talk about. The paper needs to be 3000 words long, so about 12-14 pages. I probably will not be able to conduct research interviews as I hear getting permission to use live participants in research from the ethics board is a very lengthy process. So I will be relying solely on the academic research of others. Hmm.

Which one do you guys think is the most intriguing? And yeah, I know they are all pretty much the same. Which title do you like best? Do you have any other ideas for a research paper in Emotional Geographies? The great thing about emotional geography is that it can be applied to any other discipline that you can think of, since emotions are used in every aspect of our lives (for example: Biology - the emotions surrounding notions of 'wilderness' and 'wildlife'. History - making emotional connections with past lives and cultures. Home - emotional connections with pets. School - navigating the emotional battlefield of High School... etc). In fact, I just finished reading an article on the emotional aspects of quantitative scientific research. So if you don't like what I have, please suggest some ideas! (Actually, I quite like that biology one I just made up about the emotions surrounding 'wildlife' and 'wilderness'. Hmmmm.)
Sherlock ; my note
So the first two weeks of my very last semester as an undergrad have just flown by. I'm going to be extremely busy this term as I have ten essays (five in one class!) and four presentations. Gah. But only ten weeks left and then it's over!

In TV news, NCIS is losing me (it just sucks now, really). But I've watched two new shows and they are the most amazing shows OF MY LIFE. They are:

2) Sherlock (Martin Freeman [he plays John Watson] is seriously perfection, the most talented actor, too precious for this world, a treasure of the universe, all the awards should go to him, etc. This show is absolutely equal to the Sherlock Holmes movies with Jude Law and RDJ... and that's high praise because I freakin' love those movies. THERE ARE ONLY SIX EPISODES SO FAR SO EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD SHOULD WATCH IT, REALLY)

Time to post the rest of the Toronto pics! The gang went there for a weekend to celebrate Steph's 25th birthday. 'Twas a blast!

Laura and Steph welcome you in!Collapse )
Hobbit ; an unexpected journey
My goodness, it's been a while. My life is not at all exciting, but I shall try to talk about something.

I've only gotten one mark back (ugh Queen's is slow). It's a B. What does that even mean? Why can't they just give me a percentage grade like they used to?! Did I get a 65%? Or did I get a 79%? THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE AND I WANT TO KNOW.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is hands-down the best movie of the year. Probably the best movie of the past couple of years. I've seen it twice and I'm tempted to see it a third time. Jude Law should stop wearing top hats because he is WAY TOO SEXY in them. And by stop, I mean never stop.

I've also watched the first season of Sherlock (the BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, set in the modern world). AWESOME, AMAZING, PERFECTION, etc. Season two starts in a couple of days and I am so excited!

Season Two: Pants Optional.

I have an icon from The Hobbit already! *dances*
14th-Nov-2011 01:12 pm - You're like the maid of dishonour.
SW ; cloud city love
Wow, I had a fantastic weekend! Wedding shopping was a complete success, as I have a bridesmaid outfit, and Miranda has a wedding dress and a hall booked! However, I am lazy today and sick of writing (been working on a paper), so here's a list for you!

- met Miranda and her Mom downtown after my last class
- got a BLT on Wheat & Honey bagel at Timmies for lunch (mmmm)
- spent hours at a bridal boutique trying on dresses
- found a bridesmaid dress I loved for $200; Miranda found a wedding dress she loved for $850 (ouch!)
- went to Sears; found and bought a bridesmaid dress on sale for $53; it's navy with a silver buckle (Miranda's wedding colours)
- visited one of the halls Miranda was considering; no good
- went to the Portsmouth Tavern at the harbour; had two coolers, two Polarbear shots (best shots ever), and some cocktail I can't remember; got very drunk; sang karaoke; stole a guy's hat; let same random guy braid my hair; I don't even know

- had Hallowe'en candy for breakfast (like a boss)
- went to Belleville
- Miranda found the most BEAUTIFUL AMAZING PERFECT STUNNING wedding dress; paid the deposit for it then left, elated and giggling like schoolgirls
- at Belleville mall, bought some silver strappy heels (will have to practice walking and dancing in heels - scary thought)
- Miranda booked a hall!
- ate the best home-made spaghetti ever
- went to a party at Miranda's uncle's house; had two coolers and a cocktail; got drunk; sang karaoke; ate exorbitant amounts of chips and cheesies; fell asleep on the couch; Miranda's grandma drove us home, because apparently she has more energy at parties then us two sad 20-something-year-olds

- got up late
- ate lunch at Morrison's (good poutine!)
- went shopping for wedding supplies/decorations/favours/centre-pieces
- dropped my stuff at home and went to work

So, all-in-all, a pretty successful weekend! I still need to look into what foods to have at the reception, and I need to plan the bridal shower/bachelorette party, but things are really starting to come together. Feels very real now!

If anyone has any ideas about what to do during a bridal shower/bacelorette party, please let me know! I've never planned a party before.
Hobbit ; an unexpected journey
Once again, I find that I haven't written in this journal in quite a while. I was wanting to write only about more positive and happy things, because sometimes I feel that I complain too much or am too much of a downer to people reading this journal. However, I can't say that there are too many happy things in my life right now to write about, and besides; this is my personal journal, and I should be able to write freely about the things that are going on in my life and how they affect me, and not have to worry about how I come across to other people.

The past two weeks have been abysmal. It seems my depression is taking up residence early this year, spurred on by the events of the past dozen days. The stress of midterms and assignments in which I did badly (to give you an idea, I failed my Geology midterm, and I don't think I did much better on the others), immediately followed by the death of a cat I've owned for 18 years, immediately followed by a huge blow-up with my parents. I won't get into the details of why we're fighting on here, but I've barely spoken to them in over a week. I'm currently just staying in my room as much as possible, floating around the house as quietly as possible when I need to, and trying not to burst into tears every time my parents try to talk to me. I'm lonely, and I miss them more than I can say, but I can't get over what they did. I'm not even so much as angry at them anymore, I'm just depressed. I've missed classes twice this week and I'm not even sick, just lethargic and uncaring.

Yesterday, after French class, I had two hours before my late class started, so I walked over to Sipps. I ordered a delicious Mediterranean Chicken wrap and a coffee, and just sat and finished my French homework and read a couple of chapters in my current book, Jane Eyre. It was very relaxing and I found I could forget my worries for a little while. I think for the next little while, I'm going to try to be out of the house as much as possible, and to keep my mind as busy as possible, so that I have no time to reflect or think or become lethargic again.

In happier news, my sister will be visiting Kingston for three weeks in January, though she will be sans my niece.

Also, my Geology (History of Life) course, which is being taught as a big story basically, will next week be entering into the Mesozoic Era - which means, of course, dinosaurs! If there's one thing that can pique my interest, it's dinosaurs.
Fringe ; the fringe division
Queen's Department Thanksgivings

"We give thanks today for our increasing portfolio value.  We have been truly blessed with falling prices in the stocks we short sold and with investments heavy in base metals like gold.  We are truly thankful for the opportunity we have been afforded to corner the turkey market in early September allowing us to jack prices up even more than usual and deny filthy, disgusting, poor families from sharing in our joy."

Economics:  Thanksgiving was not held by the Economics Department due to concerns that the holiday leads to an inefficient use of resources.  The event typically encourages the consumption of food well past the point where the optimal value is reached.  It was therefore discontinued this year.

History:  "We are thankful today that we may gather and celebrate the exploitation of indigenous peoples and that we may today reap the bounty of their not yet fully acknowledged suffering and mistreatment.  We are less thankful that our exposure to thousands of years of human behaviour has robbed us of our ability to see good in anything."

Biology:  "We are very, very thankful that our crossbred turkey-pig lived to maturity and that the long fantasized-about turbacon was everything we had dreamt about and more.  They said we were mad to try it, that we should have given up after the failed attempt to breed turkeys with bread crumb stuffing for organs, but look at us now!  All will worship us and our turkey-pig as gods among men!  Tremble before us, mortals!  Also, the cranberry sauce is delicious, so good job on that, Timmy."

Psychology:  The Psychology Department all sat around the Thanksgiving table without a prepared turkey.  This was largely because when it came time to stuff the turkey, everyone was afraid of the discussion that would follow regarding what such an action implied about their subconscious sexual desires.

Politics:  We give thanks/express outrage about the favourable/disappointing result of the election.  The party that we support/oppose will most assuredly lead this province to a new golden age/back into the dark ages.  The leader of said party will no doubt help make things easier for my family/break into my home and steal my things.  In conclusion we are happy/upset that the voters were informed/gullible enough to elect a premier who has never in his life committed a wrong/sold his soul to Satan for a baby burger."

Physics:  A misguided attempt to use a super collider to stuff the turkey may have been the culprit behind the mysterious implosion of the Department of Physics Thanksgiving dinner.

English:  "As we are gathered here around the table metaphor, enjoying our turkey analogy, we give our thanks-allegory for all forms of non-teen-vampire-romance based literature."

Philosophy:  After intense debate it was decided that the metaphysical reality of the turkey, and indeed, of all physical objects, is to be regarded with intense skepticism.  Furthermore, since the study of philosophy is, at its essence, synonymous with the pursuit of the very nature of truth itself, it therefore logically follows that one could not claim that they had consistently adhered to the ideals of philosophy if they had deceived themselves by consuming said turkey.  They ultimately elected to forgo their Thanksgiving dinner for a side serving of paradigm shifting truth instead.

Engineering:  The turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and pie were reanimated using spare wire, a toaster, and a broken Game Boy Advance into a trans-fat powered "Poultrybot".  The Poultrybot was ordered to eradicate disease and addiction among the native peoples.  Instead, the Poultrybot destroyed its creators using its dual gravy-guns.

Chemistry:  Turns out that the thermite reactions is not an effective means of evenly cooking a turkey, no matter how awesome it may be.

Global Development:  Yeah, right.  There is no way this department celebrates Thanksgiving, no chance in hell.  I mean, if they did celebrate a holiday that is based on colonization, that would be pretty ironic.  In fact, that would make them all massive hypocrites.  But, like I said, I'm sure that doesn't happen, I'm sure that they all have the decency to at least stand up for what they believe in.

- from Golden Words, a satirical newspaper produced by the Queen's University School of Engineering.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend!!!
Castle ; he murdered the english languag
I was looking through some of my old notes today, and I found this note I wrote while researching some information for an essay in my Canada and the Third World class. It quotes the Canadian International Development Agency's motives for providing aide to third world countries:

(from CIDA background paper 1969 (Smillie 2008 p. 185))

• “First would be the political objective to establish within the recipient countries those political attitudes or commitment, military alliances or military bases that would assist Canada or Canada's western allies to maintain a reasonably stable and secure international political system;
• A second objective might be the establishment of markets for Canadian products and services;
• A third objective might be the relief of famine and personal misery.”


Hobbit ; an unexpected journey
Oh my gosh, I hate fourth year. I have no idea what I'm doing next year! NONE.

It's only September, SEPTEMBER, and a fourth-year economics student in my French class was telling me that she had her first interview with some firm last week for a post-graduation job. I feel so behind. HOW CAN I FEEL SO BEHIND WHEN IT'S ONLY SEPTEMBER?!?

Everytime I think about what I'm going to do come April, my head starts to spin. Forget classes and coursework, just being a fourth-year student is enough pressure and stress by itself!

I've decided that I'm not going to my graduation. I'm just going to be watching everyone else hug and laugh and cry and say goodbye, while I'm standing in a corner all by myself twiddling my thumbs. My parents will be upset, but I shall feign illness or something.

There is a Master's program offered at 7 universities across Canada that I'm interested in, and I've been thinking about applying to at least one of them. UBC's (University of British Columbia's) program has the best reputation, but is also the hardest to get into. But I need at least two (three, for UBC) academic references to apply. Most of my classes had 400+ students in them, so do you think my professors know my name, let alone anything else about me? Heck no! One of the only professor's I've had who knows me by name basically told me that I shouldn't even bother trying to apply for a Master's. So, yeah. Forget the Master's.

So I guess I should start applying for jobs now?


I just don't want to do anything. I don't want to work as a Geographer. I don't want to apply to Geography jobs. I don't even really want to do a Master's.

The only thing I want to do, the only thing I've EVER wanted to do in my entire life, is join the Navy. Nothing else excites me. Nothing else holds my interest. I'm a Navy girl who can never join the Navy. Why is life so unfair?

This post brought to you by: No sleep coupled with too much caffeine, a lack of proper food, no social life, my new glue-snorting habit, a lack of sense of life purpose, a murderous rage directed towards George Lucas, and the fact that two Navy ships were in Kingston this weekend, rubbing their Navyness in my face.
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